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Global Wealth Trade Corporation - My life 5 years 3 months later

Hello again to all of those who have been following my blogs from the day I joined GWT Corp (Global Wealth Trade Corporation) to now.  Life, to say the least, has been INSANE.  Insane… a new word that we've been using a lot at GWT with all the incredible and amazing things that have been happening in the company.

However, first things first.  If you are someone whose looking for information, factual information, about whether or not Global Wealth Trade, or GWT, is a scam, pyramid scam, pyramid scheme, or ponzi scheme, then this is for you.  With the power of the worldwide web, and so much information that anyone can post up online, it's sometimes hard to separate facts from opinion, and to really be able to answer the question "Is GWT a scam?".  To assist you in determining whether "GWT is a scam", I've collected as much information as possible and put it on the page below.  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and people mentioning other companies that are 100% unrelated to GWT such as TTI (Treasure Traders), BIM (Business In Motion), Jewelway.  Please note that GWT and the CEO of GWT, Ramin Mesgarlou, is completely unrelated to these other companies but a few people online have mistaken them and linked them together.  But before you go through all of this, if one were to apply logic and reason, then knowing that GWT has been in operations now for 7 years, featured on the American Business Journal, Canadian Business Journal, Preferred Magazine, 2011 Luxury Designer of the Year by Viva Internationale, 3 appearances on Canadian Jeweller for the special 19K and 21K formulations, sponsors of the Toronto International Film Festival, 3 appearances on Regard Magazine, A+ rating on the BBB, FERI President Watch as Top 10 Masterpieces of Time , 3 appearances on Preferred Magazine, FERI appearance on The View, plus much more... the question should be "How can one even think that GWT is a scam?!".  For if it really were, none of the above would have happened, and most scams are shut down by the Competition Bureau or FTC within months! 

Here are some quick videos to give you a solid understanding of these luxury designer brand. --- 2012 - FERI President TV Commercial --- 2012 - FERI Fashion Show Toronto --- Toronto International Film Festival (2011 FERI@TIFF)

And now, the page with all the links you'll ever need to know.

My last blog was almost 3 years ago and a lot of people have been asking me to update this blog… so here I am again today, just flew into Taiwan 2 days ago, beautiful hot weather on the morning of Feb 1st of 2013, writing this blog. 

It's incredible reading my own blog from 3 years ago and just thinking of all the changes that have happened since then.  I last left off with our first son, Rex, being born and living in our hew home.  Every day was an enjoyment as we spent a lot of time with Rex, time that I wished my dad had with me when I was younger.  Go to the parks, theme parks, science centres, the zoo on a weekday afternoon where it's completely empty and it feels as if the places belong to you.  By the way, I highly recommend the 'Your Baby Can Read' dvd's as well as the 'How Smart Is Your Baby' program with tall the bit flash cards and baby development programs if you're looking at having a baby.  Oh, I also recommend catering in some very healthy Chinese food specially designed for pregnant woman after their pregnancy to help in their recovery.  It's about $80 a day for the food but it's more food then one can eat… and usually I help her finish some of it off (of course with much added salt). 

And when life couldn't be any better, God has His gifts and Heidi was yet again pregnant.  One would imagine after the first child that there are no more surprises, but finding out that your wife is pregnant a second time is still quite the surprise and joy.  As I believe I mentioned before, my wife is from Taiwan.  5 months into her pregnancy, she wanted to have our second child, Leon, born in Taiwan and have the pleasure of her family's presence.  So within a month time, we just packed up our bags and flew to Taiwan.  At the same time, Heidi had the idea of opening up a nail store since she loves getting her nails done.  And we had just hired a nail store owner to personally coach Heidi in the nails business before we left for Taiwan.  So just prior to Heidi delivering Leon, we had opened up our first nail store.  That eventually led to a second nail store also in Taiwan. 

What I love about Global Wealth Trade corporation is that it's a business that can be done internationally.  I was extremely excited to be able to go to Taiwan to open up a brand new market.  With all the training I received, I was able to go from not knowing anyone in Taiwan to having a team of about 100 plus people.  All the meanwhile, I love real estate and we invested into 2 properties in the Hamilton area that still cash flow today (thank you Robert Kyosaki for your book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad').  I have a huge appreciation for this because in most other companies or opportunities, they are not international in every country.  Their products may need approvals from local governments especially if they are consumed like vitamins, juices, weight loss supplements, or put on the face like make-up, etc...  In GWT, every country already imports and exports our products and people can get paid onto their new GWT Debit Credit Visa cards, anywhere in the world. 

I don't know if you've ever thought about just moving to a whole new country and starting a brand new life there.  Taiwan felt like that.  Really living there for 2 years now have given me such an incredible experience.  One amazing accomplishment that's happened for me is that I was able to learn Mandarin and speak fluently now in Mandarin.  By the way, if you ever want to learn a language, go move to the country of language origin and force yourself not to speak your native language, mine being English.  You'll learn much faster!

Speaking of experiences, I was able to now experience and learn the skills required to build GWT into different parts in the world.  My team of 5000 plus people now span from all over Canada, to the US, Taiwan, HK, Australia, Europe, Philippines, and more.  I can honestly say that if someone is looking towards building a career in Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, you name it, that they should really have a conversation with me.  The conversation is not to hear me say what's all the amazing points about GWT, but rather to learn what to watch out for in other opportunities that majority of the people never see or think of or hear of.  I can with 100% reason and logic explain to anyone why GWT makes a much smarter choice in choosing a part time business to have then any other company out there. 

Ah, and there's more to our story so back to that.  At the time we came to Taiwan, we were living with Heidi's parents and it was great to have that additional help and build up the family ties.  After a year and a bit we had felt it was time to have our own place to live in and so did Heidi's parents.  In fact, Heidi's parents had wanted us to live somewhere very close by, and on one of our regular trips to visit my parents back in Toronto, they had found the perfect place.  So to keep a long story short, about a million dollars later we now have a newly renovated 1000 square foot place called home in Taiwan, and it's about a 2 minute walk from the in-laws place. 

There's quite a lot more to the story of my life and my family's life but I'll leave out those small details for this blog.  But if you really cared to grab a coffee, or have a Skype coffee, then feel free to contact me.  I have my contact information at the bottom of this blog. 

Now, here's the part that most people need to know.  That part is how many INSANE changes that have also happened in Global Wealth Trade Corporation.  I've learnt that for most people, the key reason why they may not partake in a part time business is due to lack of knowledge, or lack of belief, or both.  Lack of knowledge is equivalent to fear and the more knowledge one gains of a particular subject, the less fear or risk one takes.  Lastly, as one gains more knowledge their belief will naturally strengthen as well.  For instance, my belief in this industry and company is 100% over 100% over 100% etc…

GWT has had so many INSANE improvements that I'll do my best to summarize to a quick few short points to give you an idea of where this company is going… as we're really just getting started!  Now please note, this may get quite long because of so many incredible developments aside from things such as numerous website re-designs, back office enhancements, and product gallery enhancements.  However, I find it key to list these things out because there are certain people who will be skeptical, may confuse pyramid schemes versus pyramid structures versus a wide range of things.  By listing the below accolades and media I hope everyone can logically distinguish a world class designer company with a remarkable opportunity from those other scams that do exist and are usually shutdown within a year time. 

On the GWT Media side, this list of celebrities who wear FERI just goes on and on.  After sponsoring the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010 and 2011, it's almost like a snowball effect of media.  Here's our Media page from the GWT website.

On the same page, is a list of our 'In The Press' appearances which include the Canadian Jeweller.  After the Canadian Jeweller learned of our special 19K and 21K formulation, they wrote about us 3 times now and made comments such as 'FERI MOSH is Above All', and 'FERI MOSH is an unimaginable ultra luxury jewellery collection, the best of the best' and more.  By the way, Canadian Jeweller is HUGE!!!

Regard Magazine, also known as Hollywood's designer magazine also featured us 3 times now and their celebrities wore FERI on the front page. 

Preferred Magazine, a luxury magazine, also featured us 3 times now and in one of their magazines they wrote about the '10 Masterpieces of TIME', and alongside with Rolex, Montblanc, Patek Philippe, Chopard, and others… was FERI.  In this magazine our FERI President, a 19K gold timepiece, made it into the top 10 in the world!  And on the front page, was our FERI Toronto 19K watch!

Canadian Jeweller featured us.

Canadian Business Journal featured us. 

American Business Journal featured us twice now.

Our Vice President of Product Development, Sanaz Hooman, was a featured speaker at the Woman of Wealth event and in their magazine.

We were also in Star Magazine with celebrities wearing FERI.

Viva Internationale awarded us the 2011 Luxury Designer of the Year award!

Successful Home Business featured us twice now as company of the month. 

All of the above can be found on the Media link I wrote above. 

Not quite sure what products we had when you last looked at us, but FERI now includes gorgeous handbags, wallets, purses, timepieces, tungsten, silver, and our special Plangsten line.  This coming April during our annual convention will be the launch of our FERI gloves for men and women, belts for men and women, scarves, and additional items to our pre-existing items.  And a HUGE special launch of a BRAND new line to our company called POSH by FERI!!!  This company just gets more amazing day after day!!!

So once again, I need to take a moment to specially thank God.  And to also thank our CEO and Founder Ramin Mesgarlou for having the vision, persistence, and heart to lead this company.  A man whose been approached by the world's luxury malls to sell his FERI MOSH line and declines to give people like me, like you, and opportunity to reach our financial freedom goals.

And because of Ramin Mesgarlou, I was featured in two articles on BusinessForHome.

People wanted to get an update on my life, and I hope this has been an informative blog for you to read.  Again I'm available at any time for questions, comments, or just for a nice conversation at  My Toronto cell is 647 746 3714.  But while I'm in Taiwan like I am now, you can reach me at 647 247 9684.

You'll always be able to reach me because I'll always be alongside our CEO Ramin Mesgarlou in his vision and goals towards building the billion and changing as many lives as possible on the way.  GWT is a 100% risk free opportunity and if you are wondering how that's possible, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to explain as I don't want this blog to become to long.

Again, thank you to everyone who has been following my blog and I'll most likely update this blog once a year going forward!  We're only 12,000 plus people now and most of that growth was in the past year (with all the new developments) so can you imagine if you partner with us now, where you will be in 5 years?  Most companies reach 250,000 people and we're on the way there. 

Thank you.

Rene Liaw
647 746 3714
647 247 9684

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