Thursday, December 31, 2009

Global Wealth Trade - My life 2 years 2 months later

Hello again to all of those who have been reading my blogs up till now. For a variety of reasons, I felt that it was yet again necessary to update my blog to share with you what's taken place now 2 years and 2 months since I've joined Global Wealth Trade.

It's the morning of December 31st, 2009, very quiet. I just picked up some catered healthy food for my wife Heidi whose just delivered a month ago my first child, Rex, born Nov 30, 2009 at 4:03am weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces. Since my last blog, you may be wondering what's taken place since then leading up to now with my life and Global Wealth Trade and for those of you who are curious, I'd love to share with you.

It's almost hard for me to find a place to start due to so many incredible changes in my life but here goes! Since my last blog, February of 2009, it's been about 10 months till now. I'd like to start by saying that I did stay with Global Wealth Trade despite "advice", "suggestions", "warnings" from people around me who either cared about me or who were one of those "toxic" people that you really should have stayed away from who think everything in life is a "scam". Even those who care about you unfortunately don't have the proper knowledge to give you proper "advice" at times. I also wanted to add here that like any business, it takes time to build a successful business... not 1 month, not 1 year. Most business fail within the first 2.5 years so for those of you who want to know what it takes to be successful in ANY business, I wanted to share with you that my game plan with Global Wealth Trade was I'd give it 5 years, and take the next 50 off... a very good deal to me.

During my last blog, I mentioned that I bought a brand new Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, 2008 and going from a 2001 Toyota Corolla, that was a big step-up for me. It was a fun 2 door car but unfortunately, didn't fulfill my needs as time went on.

Around March of this year, I've been dating with Heidi for about 1 year and 1 month and things were so amazing with her. I've been through many relationships that didn't work out, almost like bad businesses, but Heidi was simply different. I seriously could see a future with her. Without making this too long too sappy, I decided to propose to her and ask her for her hand in marriage. Now back then when I was working at TELUS, my budget for any ring would have been around $9,000 given the general rule of (3 months salary), and that was really stretching it for me! At Global Wealth Trade, I've shown Heidi several of the FERI MOSH 21K white gold rings and I knew the one that she absolutely loved the most... it's called the 'Ocean of Light'. Take a peek!!!

Long story short, because of Global Wealth Trade, I was able to purchase this gorgeous ring for my Heidi at the members price, and what an amazing investment that was for me. I mentioned before that with GWT, our products are like investments because they never lose value, in fact, they gain value year after year. What floored me was that my price for the ring, gained an investment of 62.5% from my price, to the appraisal completed by the worlds largest international appraising company IGI, International Gemological Institute, To give you an idea of how well known IGI is, when I insured the ring, my insurance company asked me if I had an appraisal for it and I said "yes, it's from IGI", and they instantly knew who they were and said "Fantastic, that's all you need!".

I won't get into the details of how I proposed to her (you can contact me if you're really curious), but long story short, Heidi said "yes" and we were engaged!

Heidi and I also wanted to have a bigger place to ourselves so we started shopping for a new home. We always loved the big open space concept homes but we wanted a home right along Highway 7 and so we started looking. We spoke with Patricia, a real estate agent whose also working with us in Global Wealth Trade, and she showed us several properties. Thankfully, there was one property right on Highway 7, right beside my favourite bubble tea restaurant, and it was close to what we were looking for. We didn't quite like the carpet floors condition, the gash in the kitchen black counter top, some of the windows sealant had worn off, and we just didn't like the black counter top in the kitchen... and in the bathrooms, but we knew we could fix it up exactly the way we wanted too.

Long story short, we put in an offer the exact same day, and the half a million dollar home was ours. We spent around $32,000 in renovations for maple hard wood floors, gorgeous white engineered granite counter tops in the kitchen, new windows, changed all the black counter tops :), imported gorgeous crystal lights from Egypt, 52" Sony Home Theatre system with wireless surround sound speakers, leather sofas, dining room table, kitchen table, etc... All of this, I never would have been able to do at the age of 29 with my old full time job.

And speaking of things that I would never do, I went back to Taiwan with Heidi about 4 times in the past 12 months. Have you ever wondered what it'd feel like to sit up in a non-economy seat? I decided to fly Elite Class with Heidi and all I have to say... is that I'll never fly back economy ever again, especially from Canada to Asia. These seats, could do anything! I'm about 6 feet tall and there was room to spare. I've never been able to sleep flat on a plan before unless I was able to luck out and get all 5-6 seats in the middle row. To be honest with you, in the 15 hour flight, I was hoping that the flight would never end! Real cutlery, real plates, smoked salmon appetizers, pate, wine after wine, I finally felt what it meant to fly properly. You just get treated differently.

Anyways, upon coming back from Taiwan early of this year, something incredible happened. Heidi was always sleepy in Taiwan and she'd often ask if I was tired as well. With the jet lag, I told her that I was also always sleepy. However, Heidi was often also heading to the toilet so she decided to do a check. The very next morning after we got back from Taiwan, Heidi wakes me up and shares the most incredible words from her mouth... "Baby, what if I'm pregnant?". So I responded half awake, now almost fully awake "We should talk about!", and she replies "Let's talk about it!".

So back to the 2-door Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, it just wasn't going to work and so one day, we decided to go to Lexus and take a look. Heidi and I have always loved the LEXUS IS250 AWD so we decided to go and take one for a spin. By the way, most car salesmen will ask you to take a spin because they know that most people put in a offer right after! :) So... we did exactly that. Now again, from a 2001 Toyota Corolla, to a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe, to the Luxury Navigation Lexus IS250 AWD... I know now what it feels like to drive a proper business car. I can't wait till I get my next car!

So putting things together, on Nov 30, 2009, our new baby boy, Rex Liaw, came home with us in our brand new Lexus, to our newly renovated home. Oh, did I mention that if you plan to have a baby, have a lot of money saved up to buy baby stuff? :) Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Heidi recently also received her Permanent Residence just a few days ago. What that meant is that when she actually delivered Rex, she didn't have any coverage. If it wasn't for Global Wealth Trade, I would have been in some serious money fall. $1000 doctor fee, $2038 for the hospital room, $250 for the triage room, plus ultrasound, plus medical check-ups, plus x-rays, plus immigration costs, easily close to $10,000.

To put it all together, I wanted to thank the CEO and President of Global Wealth Trade, Ramin Mesgarlou, for having the vision and passion to start GWT. Ramin Mesgarlou is truly a remarkable man who heart and vision is for people like us who want change in our lives. It's no wonder why Networking Times featured Ramin Mesgarlou in a 6 page article as well as a Master Trainer in a Master Series and Article. Having someone like Ramin Mesgarlou as our CEO, someone whose been where we've been, and has become successful is exactly why GWT, Global Wealth Trade is now a leading Canadian Designer company, with patented gorgeous products that stand alone in the Designer industry, as an incredible asset and investment at the same time, and a business opportunity for the average individual to make 5 figures incomes part-time guaranteed with his Forensic Networker training.

This by far is not my last blog, as I now have new plans, new promises to fulfill for my life, for my wife Heidi, and for my new son Rex. I look forward to sharing with you the plans that I have in mind and how they will fulfill in my next blog. As always, if you'd like to get in touch with me or ask anything, please feel free to reach me at anytime.

Happy New Year to everyone! Make promises, not goals, for 2010 and I sincerely suggest to add Global Wealth Trade part-time to your life no matter how busy you are... because it's worth it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A must read on MLM/Network Marketing versus pyramid scams

Hi folks,

I'm actually writing this blog that is a must read for anyone who is either part of a MLM/Network Marketing company or has been introduced to the concept. My blog below is not to advise one to join or not to join a Network Marketing/MLM company. My blog below is simply to educate people on what to look out for, and what one needs to understand before making a decision. I've been seeing a lot of recent discussions on the news and I wanted to educate the public to have more tools in their pockets to make safe and sound judgements. The reason this is a must read is because MLM/Network Marketing is actually a viable business and just like any business out there, one must become knowledgeable in the business they are operating and ensure that it is not illegal or a pyramid scam/scheme to save loss of money. Please note that there are over 58 million people worldwide who are currently in MLM/Network Marketing.

It was my last year at the University of Toronto, just after my internship I completed for 16 months at IBM (International Business Machines), when I was first introduced to the concept of Network Marketing/MLM. It was actually my sister and her boyfriend at the time, now happily married and a baby due next month, who introduced me to a Network Marketing company in the nutrition industry. I went to go see a presentation and to be absolutely honest, the idea of Network Marketing/MLM made sense to me. It was my first time and I didn't have any previous knowledge or notion at all towards MLM/Network Marketing.

One aspect of business that everyone should understand is how MLM/Network Marketing is 'supposed' to work. The idea of you purchasing products or a service directly from the manufacturing plant was an obvious no brainer for me. Why would I buy something from the public when I can buy it direct from the manufacturing company at a lesser price? Also, the idea of the company paying its distributors to do 'word of mouth' marketing also made sense to me. Instead of a company having so much costs in doing advertising, marketing, television commercials, magazines, and more, why not pay the distributors for doing all that work and have a win-win situation?

So I joined the company and started going to the trainings and when I started talking about the business with friends and family, I started getting comments or questions about whether or not this was a pyramid scheme or a scam? Again, this was my first time in this industry and so I was a bit taken back and decided to start doing a lot more research before I continued with the business. I started to become very familiar with the industry and what distinguished an MLM/Network Marketing company from a pyramid scheme. The definition also found on Wikipedia is that a pyramid scheme basically involves the exchange of money to the top where no product or service is being sold. With MLM/Network Marketing, there is a product or service being sold.

Rule #1 - Is what you are buying of any value?
This is where it's time for you to do your own research and due diligence. In the DSA (Direct Selling Association),, there are over 10,000 companies there. Of this 10,000 companies, about 1,700 are in MLM/Network Marketing. Companies range from nutrition, telecommunications, household products, weight-loss programs, financial services, water-filtration, jewelry, travel and much much more. The first thing I would do is to check if whether or not the product or service being offered is of any value. Compare prices with outside sources. If for the 'exact' same product or service is found cheaper in the public, than this would raise a big red flag for me. A lot of nutrition companies have to justify their prices for their products because of extensive Research and Development for their special formulations, and patents, and scientific research, etc... Telecommunication companies are in a very competitive industry and in my previous experience, it's tough to beat big telecommunicaiton companies such as TELUS, Rogers, and Bell especially when they have bundling. I should know because I used to work at TELUS for 4.5 years. So again, check whether or not the product or service being sold is of any real value. Don't get sold by someone telling you that even though the price is the same or worse, that you should at least join and make money by referring other people and achieving financial freedom because that kind of model just does not sustain.

Rule #2 - What is the compensation plan structure used?
In MLM/Network Marketing, there are 5 regulated types of compensation plan types out there.

In short, they are Unilevel, Stairstep-breakaway, Matrix, Binary, and Hybrid. This is where you want to be able to figure out if the company you are looking at is one of these plans. If the person who sponsored you doesn't know, keep asking up the chain until you find someone that does.

Rule #3 - Is their a monthly consumption of a product or a service?
Most MLM/Network Marketing companies will have a product or service that you will need to purchase on a monthly basis to take part of the passive/residual income earning potentials. If a company requires you to spend a lot of money up front, and has no requirement for a monthly passive/residual income, than be very careful. If people are paid just for enrolling other people and you somehow move up in the structure, than be very careful that this may be pyramid scheme where the money from a new enrollment just flows up the structure and has no passive/residual income.

If you've completed Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3, so the prices you get are well worth while, the compensation plan type is one of the above, and their is a monthly contribution towards a product or service, than you should start feeling better about the company.

Rule #4 - Is the commissions earned heavier on sign-ups, or from monthly residuals?
The fact of the matter is that most companies have two choices to make when creating their compensation plan. A company can create a plan that pays heavy on new sign-ups and very little in residual/passive income, or the opposite where there is no commissions for new sign-ups and more on residual/passive income.
Most companies that have "Fast Start" programs typically do the first where they pay a lot on people signing up. The reason being is most likely because the product or service they are selling, has such a low mark-up that they can't afford to pay people a high residual income. Take for example a telecommunications company. If company ABC is offering you a long distance service or wireless phone plan that you can get for the exact same same price or almost the same price in the public, than how can that company possibly pay you a high residual/passive income? They can't. So what they do is that they will place a heavier cost on the sign-up, and distribute that sign-up costs to other members going up the chain. Which then means that people see quick up front money being made and feel good about themselves. However, after a period of time, the income becomes unstable, it's hard to advance 'ranks' to make it to the top rank, and most people end up dying out, lose their qualifications, lose their ranks and quit the business. So this ties into the next question which.

Rule #5 - Are you here to build it once and last for life or are you here to work forever?
The most amazing feature of MLM/Network Marketing when you first see a presentation is that you can work hard for 5 years, and take the next 50 off. This is ONLY true if the residual/passive income is high, and has longevitiy. The average in this industry is that 1 person in your team will pay you $1.00 of residual/passive income. So 1000 people in your team, will pay you $1000.00. With telecommunications, if you're lucky, 1 person will pay you 1/3 of that, so about 30 cents if you're lucky. One step that I always do is I calculate how much does one person in my team pay out in regards to residual/passive income. If you need to have an army of people in your team to make some decent residual income, than this is another big red flag for me. The reason is because you want to have a compensation plan where it's easier for everyone to earn residual income together. If everyone is actually getting great value for their money in the product or service, or is making money through commissions, than the passive income will most likely last for life.

Rule #6 - Don't get sold on having passion for the product.
When most people look at a MLM/Network Marketing company, they tend to feel that they have to have passion for the product. That they have to love the product so much that they can refer it to their friends. While this might make sense at first thought, unfortunately, it's completely untrue. As I mentioned before, MLM/Network Marketing is just like any other business. And when you first start a business, there are a few factors that one must look at.

1) Competitive Advantage
Does your company have a product or service that has a competitive advantage over the rest of the market? Competitive advantage can be in price, in quality of the product, or in patents and formulas. Can you answer why someone would want to buy from you?
2) Competitors
Of those 1,700 companies in the DSA, about 92% of them are in telecommunicaitons, household products, or nutrition. Are you selling a product that is competing with a lot of other members in different MLM/Network Marketing companies? Can you lose your people in your team to other companies?
3) Market Niche
How big is your target market and is their a niche in this market?
4) Barrier of Entry
What's stopping another company from creating the exact same product that you have and offering a better compensation plan of $1.00? If there is no stopping that, than you'll lose people in your team

If you can answer well to these questions, than you're off to a great start and you've probably done enough of your own due diligence.

Rule #6 - Can you lose your investment?
One thing that I always look at is what is the worse-case scenario? What if I invest my money, and I'm not able to build a team of people, what then? What is the absolute worse case scenario. In most cases, if you are getting a product or service that is of true value, and is cheaper than what you can get in the public, than that's not so bad. But, if you can find the exact product or service for the same price or cheaper in the public, than that's a pretty bad. The reason because you've just invested a few hundred dollars for a product or service that you could have gotten cheaper in the public.

Nothing hurts me more than to see people join a MLM/Network Marketing company and to not only lose their dreams, but to lose the value for their money.

I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in their own endeavors. I know what it feels like to have invested several hundred to several thousands of dollars into a MLM/Network Marketing company and felt that I never received true value of my money. I hope that this blog has helped many people in making a wise and informed decision.

I guess what a few readers may be thinking is with all of my own due diligence down, how does my company Global Wealth Trade that I joined par up to the research and steps I mentioned above.

I would be more than happy to explain in more details to anyone my own personal research I've done and share that with you. Please simply email me at In short, Global Wealth Trade through my research passes all the rules above and has the perfect formula for success. And best of all, no one ever loses their investment!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


To everyone,

My name is Rene Liaw and I'm writing this blog to share with you the events that have taken place in my life since my last blog I wrote back in August of 2008.

If you've had the opportunity of reading my previous post, than I'm very humbled to be able to share with you again the amazing events that have happened since August 2008, till today Feb 2009.

My last blog left off with Global Wealth Trade's amazing 2 designer lines FERI and FERI MOSH. It amazes me how our visionary and CEO/President of the company Ramin Mesgarlou alongside with our Vice President of Product Development Sanaz Hooman constantly drives the amazing new designs and creations of our gorgeous pieces. I remember last year, we've had a few requests to create a High-Tech Ceramic watch for women, in white colour. I also remember a few requests for more Tungsten watches for women and a few more Tungsten watches for men. For people with love for diamonds and our special formulated and patent-process 21K gold, I've also heard of a few requests for more of those designs. Well, in short, we now have all of those and more.

For a peek, you can see these on

I can't wait till the GWT 4th Annual Conference taking place this year Feb 27-28, 2009 in Niagara Falls, Ontario where even more new and amazing products will be revealed. I've luckily had the sneak preview of a few new developments just by being in the Toronto World Quarters and it simply just inspires and amazes me to know that we have a very special formulated, and patent-process 19K Signature Series. Global Wealth Trade is truly creating some amazing unique designs with a unique formulation that the world will certainly learn as time ticks.

Aside from the products, Global Wealth Trade has also changed the lives of my sister Monica Maltman, her husband Jamie Maltman, myself Rene Liaw, as well as many others. I'm so proud to say that Monica is currently 7.5 months pregnant which means that I'm almost an uncle. The thought of being an uncle is definitely a first for me, but I'm ready to step up and be the best uncle ever. Thanks to GWT, Monica doesn't have to go back to any full time job and instead, she can stay at home taking care of the baby 100%. In addition, Jamie can also spend all the time he needs with the baby at home now that he's also left his job as an IT Manager at a tax firm. Myself personally, I just quit my full time job at TELUS 2.5 weeks ago and to be honest, it felt strange not having to wake up super early to go to work.

Some of my coworkers actually asked if I was sure about leaving my job given the recent economy turn down and without a second thought, I was 100% sure. Global Wealth Trade is one of the very few businesses I know of that is a recession proof business. The reason being that they market a recession proof product... gold, diamonds, silver, platinum... things that go up in value over time. In addition, the High-Tech Ceramic watch, Tungsten 24K Gold Ring, and Tungsten Bracelet that I have look 100% exactly the same way since I bought them because of the hardness of the material, not a single stratch. I actually looked at my old stainless steel watch and I couldn't believe how many dents and stratches it had!

I think nowadays, with the bad economy, people are starting to realize that their once secure jobs aren't so secure anymore. I've luckily known several amazing financial advisors who actually advised that a portion of your portfolio should be within gold jewelry, and thankfully, that's what I did.

All in all, there have been so many amazing events that have taken place in my business, but as in any business, you've got to expect some bumps along the way. Sometimes people ask me how was I able to be so successful, and my answer is quite simple. Be coachable, stay focussed, expect to have bad days, and be grateful for what you have. As with so many unstable investments nowadays, companies like Nortel or Enron where my own father lost money buying stocks, and people talking about a scam here and there or scams everywhere, everyone is cautious about where to invest or save their money. Again and again, I have to thank our GWT Corporate team of Ramin Mesgarlou, Osman Nur, Sanaz Hooman, and Oliver Koncz for constantly taking the time to educate everyone in our company of the amazing benefits of this company. They've proven time and time again that with GWT, ones investments always hold their value over time.

It's truly a change in my life and when I look back a year ago, I would never have imagined that I would have quit my job. Although I studied computer science at the University of Toronto and graduated with a specialist degree in Software Engineering, I haven't let those skills die out either.

As a hobby on the side, I actually compare compensation plans of companies to GWT's. I've somewhat become a master in understanding compensation plans, and the biggest issues with different structures. If you've ever wondered about compensation plans, and wanted to learn why you weren't making any money before, or why your earnings dropped in the end... and you want to know the real reason why, please feel free to contact me at

Also, my sister, her husband, and myself decided to create a website dedicated to our team and supporting our team with whatever questions they may have in regards to anything with the business, so also please feel free to take a look at