Thursday, February 5, 2009


To everyone,

My name is Rene Liaw and I'm writing this blog to share with you the events that have taken place in my life since my last blog I wrote back in August of 2008.

If you've had the opportunity of reading my previous post, than I'm very humbled to be able to share with you again the amazing events that have happened since August 2008, till today Feb 2009.

My last blog left off with Global Wealth Trade's amazing 2 designer lines FERI and FERI MOSH. It amazes me how our visionary and CEO/President of the company Ramin Mesgarlou alongside with our Vice President of Product Development Sanaz Hooman constantly drives the amazing new designs and creations of our gorgeous pieces. I remember last year, we've had a few requests to create a High-Tech Ceramic watch for women, in white colour. I also remember a few requests for more Tungsten watches for women and a few more Tungsten watches for men. For people with love for diamonds and our special formulated and patent-process 21K gold, I've also heard of a few requests for more of those designs. Well, in short, we now have all of those and more.

For a peek, you can see these on

I can't wait till the GWT 4th Annual Conference taking place this year Feb 27-28, 2009 in Niagara Falls, Ontario where even more new and amazing products will be revealed. I've luckily had the sneak preview of a few new developments just by being in the Toronto World Quarters and it simply just inspires and amazes me to know that we have a very special formulated, and patent-process 19K Signature Series. Global Wealth Trade is truly creating some amazing unique designs with a unique formulation that the world will certainly learn as time ticks.

Aside from the products, Global Wealth Trade has also changed the lives of my sister Monica Maltman, her husband Jamie Maltman, myself Rene Liaw, as well as many others. I'm so proud to say that Monica is currently 7.5 months pregnant which means that I'm almost an uncle. The thought of being an uncle is definitely a first for me, but I'm ready to step up and be the best uncle ever. Thanks to GWT, Monica doesn't have to go back to any full time job and instead, she can stay at home taking care of the baby 100%. In addition, Jamie can also spend all the time he needs with the baby at home now that he's also left his job as an IT Manager at a tax firm. Myself personally, I just quit my full time job at TELUS 2.5 weeks ago and to be honest, it felt strange not having to wake up super early to go to work.

Some of my coworkers actually asked if I was sure about leaving my job given the recent economy turn down and without a second thought, I was 100% sure. Global Wealth Trade is one of the very few businesses I know of that is a recession proof business. The reason being that they market a recession proof product... gold, diamonds, silver, platinum... things that go up in value over time. In addition, the High-Tech Ceramic watch, Tungsten 24K Gold Ring, and Tungsten Bracelet that I have look 100% exactly the same way since I bought them because of the hardness of the material, not a single stratch. I actually looked at my old stainless steel watch and I couldn't believe how many dents and stratches it had!

I think nowadays, with the bad economy, people are starting to realize that their once secure jobs aren't so secure anymore. I've luckily known several amazing financial advisors who actually advised that a portion of your portfolio should be within gold jewelry, and thankfully, that's what I did.

All in all, there have been so many amazing events that have taken place in my business, but as in any business, you've got to expect some bumps along the way. Sometimes people ask me how was I able to be so successful, and my answer is quite simple. Be coachable, stay focussed, expect to have bad days, and be grateful for what you have. As with so many unstable investments nowadays, companies like Nortel or Enron where my own father lost money buying stocks, and people talking about a scam here and there or scams everywhere, everyone is cautious about where to invest or save their money. Again and again, I have to thank our GWT Corporate team of Ramin Mesgarlou, Osman Nur, Sanaz Hooman, and Oliver Koncz for constantly taking the time to educate everyone in our company of the amazing benefits of this company. They've proven time and time again that with GWT, ones investments always hold their value over time.

It's truly a change in my life and when I look back a year ago, I would never have imagined that I would have quit my job. Although I studied computer science at the University of Toronto and graduated with a specialist degree in Software Engineering, I haven't let those skills die out either.

As a hobby on the side, I actually compare compensation plans of companies to GWT's. I've somewhat become a master in understanding compensation plans, and the biggest issues with different structures. If you've ever wondered about compensation plans, and wanted to learn why you weren't making any money before, or why your earnings dropped in the end... and you want to know the real reason why, please feel free to contact me at

Also, my sister, her husband, and myself decided to create a website dedicated to our team and supporting our team with whatever questions they may have in regards to anything with the business, so also please feel free to take a look at


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Ms Adam said...

Congratulation Rene with your New family and new baby, I know GWT is the way to go now is your turn to enjoy the time off with your family like Jamie and Monica did it give all of the pleasure to see the way it change all our of life, and give us the freedom to do things with people we love when we want not miss those important moment. I am real proud of you for helping all of us in GWT I know many people speak very highly of you Monica And The whole Maltman Family Including your Partner Jamie Maltman I just want to say Thank you to all of you and GWT it takes team work and for any success I am glad we’re all GWT family, I manage to move out from Government housing and end up buying my car, my new home and in Safe environment the most important my kids are real happy they love GWT too,
Take care of your Family Renee your great person and great personality us GWT member we’re lucky to have all in our life.
Ms Adam