Friday, August 8, 2008

Global Wealth Trade

To everyone,

My name is Rene Liaw and I am writing this blog to share with you the series of events that have taken place in my life over the past 10 months and how Global Wealth Trade has played a signicant role in my life during this time.

I was introduced to Global Wealth Trade by my sister, and business partner, Monica Maltman who is happily married to my brother-in-law and business partner Jamie Maltman. It's truly fate that has lead the three of us to where we are today.

Monica first met Jamie where we all studied together at the University of Toronto at the St. George campus. Monica, Jamie and I all studied computer science while Jamie also studied Chinese (that was a big plus when he asked my sister for her hand in marriage lol). It's been quite a journey since I graduated 4 years ago as I started working at TELUS as a Programmer Analyst Level 1. Since then, I've moved up the corporate ladder somewhat to Programmer Analyst Level 3, and now shy of receiving my System Analyst title. I just received my promotion 2 weeks ago.

I've personally always wanted something on the side which led me to starting up a food catering company on my own called Bentolicious, and then on to a Real Estate Investment company called Testudo Ventures with Monica and Jamie. We along with several investors bought several properties out west in Edmonton, Alberta, which was an amazing success as we doubled to tripled our investors ROI. We also did a few land deals as well as apartments. However, with all the real estate, we still weren't able to make enough passively or residually to allow any of us to leave our jobs... so we were all still looking. I've always had a goal that by the age of 30, I would make enough residually and passively to leave my day job.

This year, I will be turning 28 on October 15. As I was mentioning, my sister Monica introduced me to this company last year on October 27, 2007. Monica initially went to see a presentation on Global Wealth Trade to basically advise friends of Jamie why they shouldn't join. Long story short, Monica ended up loving the jewelry (our relatives own jewelry chains in Asia), thought the compensation plan was incredible, and had great long talks with the Global Wealth Trade corporate team including the CEO Ramin Mesgarlou, EVP Osman Nur, VP Oliver Koncz, and the World Director Sanaz Hooman. Monica became a member that very day.

Monica came home that night and came to my room while I was busy chatting on MSN. She sat down on the corner of my bed and started a conversation with me and asked "Rene, do you like jewelry?". At that point in time, I had a bad feeling that Monica had "joined one of those companies" yet at the same time, I knew Monica well enough as a person who makes only well educated decisions... she did graduate with Honours by the way. In short, I told her "No." and she said "Oh ok". But as any good sister is, she had told Jamie and I that she had joined this company and that she didn't need our help or anything, but just wanted us to see it so that we knew what she was doing.

Looking back now, it's hilarious because Monica actually tried to show me the slides that came with her briefcase and only soon after did I find out that she actually dropped the briefcase and the slides were all out of order! Anyhow, Jamie and I went to Global Wealth Trade's head office in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Because we've seen a few of these companies before, we had requested only to see the compensation plan. Upon arriving, the World Director Sanaz Hooman walked us through one jewelry display case they had back then, which has now grown to over 9 displays. In the short past 8 months, Global Wealth Trade has also officially as of January 2008 become a Designer Jewelry company featuring exclusive designs collection FERI and FERI MOSH.

Next, we were introduced to the Executive Vice President who started Global Wealth Trade with the CEO and President Ramin Mesgarlou. Jamie, Monica and myself coming from a Computer Science background knew our numbers and binary systems and as Osman was explaining the compensation plan, Jamie and I kept asking question after question and the more we asked, the bigger our eyes grew. We have never, and till this date, after comparing compensation plan after compensation plan seen anything that could even come close to what this company has created... simply because no one else can.

We arrived at 7:30pm and after 3 hours of drilling the EVP on the compensation plan and company, we had asked if we could have the boardroom to just Monica, Jamie and myself. I still remember that night as if it was yesterday as we all shared our excitement like little kids while trying to keep our composure in front of the corporate team.

But it gets better. After we had collected our thoughts, we had the pleasure of meeting the visionary and founder, the CEO and President of Global Wealth Trade, Ramin Mesgarlou. We didn't leave until 5:00am the next morning as we had even more questions about the future direction and roadmap of the company. The one key aspect that Jamie, Monica and I needed to know was that we were not involving ourselves with a company that would just start and close shop when they reached their millions.

After almost 10 hours there straight and pizza being ordered for us, we happily joined Global Wealth Trade as Platinum members.

But it gets better. After developing not only a strong partnership with Global Wealth Trade, but also friendship with everyone from Ramin Mesgarlou, Sanaz Hooman, and Nenad Calma (CTO), we have since then became Founding Members of the company.

Like any investor, I have had my initial concerns through my course with Global Wealth Trade, mainly because the official launch, in Toronto, was just before I became a member. I knew of the next 10 year roadmap and was anxious to see how those plans unveiled themselves. As an investor in real estate, I've always been taught to always do your due diligence to make sure that whatever you're doing is not a scam, pyramid scheme, or anything illegal of any sort. I've personally invested well over $25,000 in real estate and to invest a large chunk of money into Global Wealth Trade to become a Founding Member, was the best investment decision I've made.

10 months later, now August 8, 2008, the loan I took out from the bank to invest into becoming a Founding Member has already been paid off from the earnings I've made from the business. Now it's not unusual that there are a few people in this world who can make tens of thousands of dollars in a network marketing company. We've all heard of those top income earners who have been able to quit their jobs and live the life that most people dream of.

What most people don't know is that a large number of these people have been paid to do what they do, or given a large organization to start with. Now what IS unusual, is that I am no business graduate from Yale or Harvard, nor was I paid or given an organization to start with, as I am simply a programmer at TELUS, although not for long. I've worked here for 4 years ever since I graduated, and had a few promotions (one without a raise by the way). What is also unusual in this industry is that last month, I earned around $14,000 doing this part time. What's even MORE unusual is that of that $14,000, $7,000 of it is the pure residual passive income portion... and it gets better. For that $7,000 passive income, I have just over 500 people in my organization. My point is this... for any other company to pay that type of residual income to their members, that person must have an army of people.

So what makes me being in this business more successful than any of the other businesses in the past? Knowledge, but not any kind of knowledge, useful knowledge. Our CEO/President Ramin Mesgarlou has been in this industry for 18 years. He's become the top income earner in 4 different companies, built teams of over 30,000 people in 30 countries, and became financially free at the age of 25. It's no luck that he did it 4 times over, it's experience and knowledge. I have never seen a CEO/President of any company spend the time and patience with each and every member of the company the way Ramin does. Furthermore, we are fortunate enough to have the knowledge and experience that Ramin has made available to everyone. He is truly a visionaire and the company that he has created, Global Wealth Trade, has revolutionized the industry. There is simply no one else in this world, that can do or create what Ramin Mesgarlou has in Global Wealth Tarde.

Sanaz Hooman, our World Director, was also one of the top income earners in her previous company. Sanaz, also from a distributor background is available to everyone and anyone and when I first started this business, she was the one who was also there to support and coach me. Like myself and many others that followed, have all benefitted from the teachings and coachings of Ramin, Osman, Sanaz and Oliver.

So today, after 10 months of being with Global Wealth Trade, my sister has quit her job as a team lead from IBM Software Lab. Jamie and I will also be looking at doing the same thing very shortly. I'm driving a new car, the Honda Accord Coupe 2008 EX-L, and we've bought a new $500,000 home on Bayview and Highway 7. It's no luck that we've been able to accomplish what we have, it's knowledge, and I also would be more than happy to share this knowledge with anyone.


I can't thank enough the time and patience that Ramin Mesgarlou, Sanaz Hooman, and Nenad Calma has given to us and every single person in the company and people analyzing our company to see if this is an opportunity right for them.

I also can't wait for the next release of our FERI for Men, FERI for Women, and FERI MOSH pieces. I also can't wait to go to Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2 days to bring this business there. The official launch was last year October 2007, 500 people back then, and already we have close to 2500 people this date. The year of international expansion has definitely started this year and soon, the world will know FERI and FERI MOSH.

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lindsay said...

You nearly scared the bejesus out of me... when I saw a blog about GWT being a scam.... WONDERFUL BLOG. I am sending it to everybody I know. Awesome testimony. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I am a new member - Lindsay Richardson in Anguilla in the Caribbean - leading the charge here, working with Sean Haynes and his team. I am on most if not all training calls.