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Global Wealth Trade - My life 2 years 2 months later

Hello again to all of those who have been reading my blogs up till now. For a variety of reasons, I felt that it was yet again necessary to update my blog to share with you what's taken place now 2 years and 2 months since I've joined Global Wealth Trade.

It's the morning of December 31st, 2009, very quiet. I just picked up some catered healthy food for my wife Heidi whose just delivered a month ago my first child, Rex, born Nov 30, 2009 at 4:03am weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces. Since my last blog, you may be wondering what's taken place since then leading up to now with my life and Global Wealth Trade and for those of you who are curious, I'd love to share with you.

It's almost hard for me to find a place to start due to so many incredible changes in my life but here goes! Since my last blog, February of 2009, it's been about 10 months till now. I'd like to start by saying that I did stay with Global Wealth Trade despite "advice", "suggestions", "warnings" from people around me who either cared about me or who were one of those "toxic" people that you really should have stayed away from who think everything in life is a "scam". Even those who care about you unfortunately don't have the proper knowledge to give you proper "advice" at times. I also wanted to add here that like any business, it takes time to build a successful business... not 1 month, not 1 year. Most business fail within the first 2.5 years so for those of you who want to know what it takes to be successful in ANY business, I wanted to share with you that my game plan with Global Wealth Trade was I'd give it 5 years, and take the next 50 off... a very good deal to me.

During my last blog, I mentioned that I bought a brand new Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, 2008 and going from a 2001 Toyota Corolla, that was a big step-up for me. It was a fun 2 door car but unfortunately, didn't fulfill my needs as time went on.

Around March of this year, I've been dating with Heidi for about 1 year and 1 month and things were so amazing with her. I've been through many relationships that didn't work out, almost like bad businesses, but Heidi was simply different. I seriously could see a future with her. Without making this too long too sappy, I decided to propose to her and ask her for her hand in marriage. Now back then when I was working at TELUS, my budget for any ring would have been around $9,000 given the general rule of (3 months salary), and that was really stretching it for me! At Global Wealth Trade, I've shown Heidi several of the FERI MOSH 21K white gold rings and I knew the one that she absolutely loved the most... it's called the 'Ocean of Light'. Take a peek!!!

Long story short, because of Global Wealth Trade, I was able to purchase this gorgeous ring for my Heidi at the members price, and what an amazing investment that was for me. I mentioned before that with GWT, our products are like investments because they never lose value, in fact, they gain value year after year. What floored me was that my price for the ring, gained an investment of 62.5% from my price, to the appraisal completed by the worlds largest international appraising company IGI, International Gemological Institute, To give you an idea of how well known IGI is, when I insured the ring, my insurance company asked me if I had an appraisal for it and I said "yes, it's from IGI", and they instantly knew who they were and said "Fantastic, that's all you need!".

I won't get into the details of how I proposed to her (you can contact me if you're really curious), but long story short, Heidi said "yes" and we were engaged!

Heidi and I also wanted to have a bigger place to ourselves so we started shopping for a new home. We always loved the big open space concept homes but we wanted a home right along Highway 7 and so we started looking. We spoke with Patricia, a real estate agent whose also working with us in Global Wealth Trade, and she showed us several properties. Thankfully, there was one property right on Highway 7, right beside my favourite bubble tea restaurant, and it was close to what we were looking for. We didn't quite like the carpet floors condition, the gash in the kitchen black counter top, some of the windows sealant had worn off, and we just didn't like the black counter top in the kitchen... and in the bathrooms, but we knew we could fix it up exactly the way we wanted too.

Long story short, we put in an offer the exact same day, and the half a million dollar home was ours. We spent around $32,000 in renovations for maple hard wood floors, gorgeous white engineered granite counter tops in the kitchen, new windows, changed all the black counter tops :), imported gorgeous crystal lights from Egypt, 52" Sony Home Theatre system with wireless surround sound speakers, leather sofas, dining room table, kitchen table, etc... All of this, I never would have been able to do at the age of 29 with my old full time job.

And speaking of things that I would never do, I went back to Taiwan with Heidi about 4 times in the past 12 months. Have you ever wondered what it'd feel like to sit up in a non-economy seat? I decided to fly Elite Class with Heidi and all I have to say... is that I'll never fly back economy ever again, especially from Canada to Asia. These seats, could do anything! I'm about 6 feet tall and there was room to spare. I've never been able to sleep flat on a plan before unless I was able to luck out and get all 5-6 seats in the middle row. To be honest with you, in the 15 hour flight, I was hoping that the flight would never end! Real cutlery, real plates, smoked salmon appetizers, pate, wine after wine, I finally felt what it meant to fly properly. You just get treated differently.

Anyways, upon coming back from Taiwan early of this year, something incredible happened. Heidi was always sleepy in Taiwan and she'd often ask if I was tired as well. With the jet lag, I told her that I was also always sleepy. However, Heidi was often also heading to the toilet so she decided to do a check. The very next morning after we got back from Taiwan, Heidi wakes me up and shares the most incredible words from her mouth... "Baby, what if I'm pregnant?". So I responded half awake, now almost fully awake "We should talk about!", and she replies "Let's talk about it!".

So back to the 2-door Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, it just wasn't going to work and so one day, we decided to go to Lexus and take a look. Heidi and I have always loved the LEXUS IS250 AWD so we decided to go and take one for a spin. By the way, most car salesmen will ask you to take a spin because they know that most people put in a offer right after! :) So... we did exactly that. Now again, from a 2001 Toyota Corolla, to a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe, to the Luxury Navigation Lexus IS250 AWD... I know now what it feels like to drive a proper business car. I can't wait till I get my next car!

So putting things together, on Nov 30, 2009, our new baby boy, Rex Liaw, came home with us in our brand new Lexus, to our newly renovated home. Oh, did I mention that if you plan to have a baby, have a lot of money saved up to buy baby stuff? :) Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Heidi recently also received her Permanent Residence just a few days ago. What that meant is that when she actually delivered Rex, she didn't have any coverage. If it wasn't for Global Wealth Trade, I would have been in some serious money fall. $1000 doctor fee, $2038 for the hospital room, $250 for the triage room, plus ultrasound, plus medical check-ups, plus x-rays, plus immigration costs, easily close to $10,000.

To put it all together, I wanted to thank the CEO and President of Global Wealth Trade, Ramin Mesgarlou, for having the vision and passion to start GWT. Ramin Mesgarlou is truly a remarkable man who heart and vision is for people like us who want change in our lives. It's no wonder why Networking Times featured Ramin Mesgarlou in a 6 page article as well as a Master Trainer in a Master Series and Article. Having someone like Ramin Mesgarlou as our CEO, someone whose been where we've been, and has become successful is exactly why GWT, Global Wealth Trade is now a leading Canadian Designer company, with patented gorgeous products that stand alone in the Designer industry, as an incredible asset and investment at the same time, and a business opportunity for the average individual to make 5 figures incomes part-time guaranteed with his Forensic Networker training.

This by far is not my last blog, as I now have new plans, new promises to fulfill for my life, for my wife Heidi, and for my new son Rex. I look forward to sharing with you the plans that I have in mind and how they will fulfill in my next blog. As always, if you'd like to get in touch with me or ask anything, please feel free to reach me at anytime.

Happy New Year to everyone! Make promises, not goals, for 2010 and I sincerely suggest to add Global Wealth Trade part-time to your life no matter how busy you are... because it's worth it!

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