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Global Wealth Trade Corporation - my life 8 years 1 month later

Well... where do I start?  It's now been 8 years and 1 month since I launched my VDM (Virtual Designer Mall) with GWT.  I had to think about what to write this time, as there has been so much that has happened but let me start with what's changed for my family and I.

I believe my last blog I spoke about how we had moved to Taiwan and just moved in to our newly renovated place with Heidi and the two boys.  Today, the boys are now 4.5 and 6 years old and one of the biggest blessings that GWT has done for me personally, is allowing me to spend SOOOOO much time with my 2 angels.  I never realized what being a dad does to you... how it changes your values... and how it makes you want to only provide the BEST OF THE BEST for your children.  I cherish every single time I am able to get them changed in the morning, help brush their teeth, bring them to school, pick them up from school, take the boys swimming, or go to their favorite sand playground, or roller blade in our basement (I'll explain that new basement soon), do homework with them, go to Costco with them, EVERYTHING from the second they're off school I can spend so much time with them!

Last year was a BLAST when we took the kids for the first time to go to Florida Disney World!  It was such an experience that we're already booked to go again Jan of 2016!  Tickets, hotels, plane all booked and even I'M EXCITED!  But yes, for me, it comes down to always providing the best life possible for Heidi and the 2 boys... thanks GWT!  The coolest thing though is the attachment I have with my two boys.  What happened was Rex and Leon, both of them, I mostly bottle fed them 95% of the time when they were babies.  The reason being Heidi didn't have enough milk and I also wanted her to rest, so I was always feeding them all throughout the day.  Because of that, I have this INSANE bond with my two boys.  I feel their LOVE everyday and I can tell it's something special because I see how most of my friends and their kids bonds are a bit different.

One advice I give to people when it comes to time management with the family, as lots of people ask me, is to try to make a schedule for your family.  So Heidi and I have certain days we spend together.  Kids and I have certain times per day we spend together.  My family I also have times we spend with them.  But also explain to your family that you're also working on a business FOR them so you can spend more time with them in the future.  I find setting out clear intentions helps set the proper expectations people have on you and can make life way easier.

So what happened since Taiwan?  Well, we missed Toronto quite a bit so we actually ended up moving back.  But our other house was being rented out so we started looking for another place.  We had to rent in a nice condo (great with an indoor swimming pool for the kids), but after two months, we put in an offer and happily moved into another million dollar home.  Was a detached home in Markham about 3000 square feet, and WOW was that exciting!!!  I think the other thing was going from a 1000 square feet place in Taiwan with no backyard, to moving into a 3000 square feet home with double garage and backyard was just FUN!!!  I think the best part of that house was the massive washroom, huge master bedroom, running space for the kids, playroom for the kids. and a nice big kitchen!

We also got the kids into Chinese school once a week, and while the kids were in school, gave Heidi and I even more time together.  This actually led to our next property.  What happened was Heidi and I kept going shopping during the boys Chinese school and we felt like we were just spending money on things because we were bored.  On the drive home one day we passed by this neighborhood that had properties being built.  We initially thought about having another investment property that could generate more cash flow as per Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The next day after looking at the model home, we ended up putting in an offer for this gorgeous not yet built 4000 square feet home with a 60 feet wide x 120 feet deep lot, twice the cost as the last one.  AND....... we got IT!!!  This was another chapter for Heidi and I that is just SO COOL!  Being able to customize everything about the house from where the office room went, the kitchen, the waffle ceilings, the sunken panels, the coffered ceilings, the volume ceilings (I didn't know before there were so many types of ceilings), the fireplace, the marble floor, the Cambria counter tops, the Wolf and SubZero appliances, the Downsview Kitchens, the California closets, the stone backyard... WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!  And right now, I'm sitting in my kitchen writing this blog while Heidi is making some characters with yarn!  So proud of this home!  THANK YOU GWT!

As for the boys, they're now in the best and closest Montesorri school in Markham and they absolutely LOVE IT.  Winter is coming soon and it's time to go back to Taiwan to escape the cold and we're so pumped to go back for a visit.

So I guess you're probably wondering what happened with GWT since then?  Well, income as I've always told people with GWT is stable.  But as per our CEO's saying "if you're not getting better, you're getting worse".  The company since then has also launched the POSH line which absolutely took sales to a whole new level.  POSH is a product that's gorgeous, with natural gemstones, that is super affordable.  You see, in MLM, it's really for the middle income and lower income families who NEED extra income.  The issue with other MLM's is that their products are too expensive and so if you managed to have someone get started, they unfortunately have a hard time promoting those products to their circle of family and friends (same income class usually).

Aside from the new AMAZING POSH line which I just placed an order today for more of it, was the launch of the FERI men's shoes and loafers, the FERI ladies high heels and flats, the FERI belts for men and women, and new designs in previous collections.

ANOTHER INSANE thing the company did was create the one and only worldwide 950 SILEDIUM!  You see, every other company in the world has 925 sterling silver but what GWT did was create a higher purity silver at 950 but still made it hard enough to safely set stones!  That's what is so unique with GWT is that they're constantly revolutionizing EVERYTHING!  FERI expanded their tablet cases and phone cases, to launching the new POSH line for men, and the FERI MOSH Exotics line!!!  But you know what's even more crazy, is they're not even close to being done.  So much more on the way.  FERI ties, FERI luggage's, FERI fragrances, FERI special print leather lines, FERI suits, FERI facial and make-up line!!!!!  YES, FERI facial and make-up line!!!

As you can probably see, I'm super excited.  And because of the new international IA Rebate shipping program, making it easier and less cost to ship globally, last June was a record month for me.  Sales happening globally in 72 countries for me, my partner base also grew to 14,000+ people (again, results will vary), and I had a record month last June of 2014.

Now.. I don't know who is reading this blog... and what's your purpose of reading this blog, but I hope that I've been able to shed some more light in some fashion.  If you have doubts, it usually lies in a few areas.  But whatever the doubt, it can't be in this company if you actually do proper research.  It might be doubt in yourself (usually the case).  And all I'm here to say, is that we all started there.  But know that you have the ability to change that if you choose to.  And we can help guide you there if you reach out to us.  And what I did want to say to close of this blog, is that whatever opinion you have of this company, whatever doubt you have, whatever fear or skepticism you have, don't just keep it to yourself and assume your thoughts are right. Don't just assume that by asking your spouse or parents or kids or friends that they know what's best for you in this business.  What you SHOULD do is simply reach out to me with your fears, doubts, skepticism, or just plain simple questions, and let me give you proper information to allow you to make the right decision.

What I've learned in my past 12 years has costed me lots of time and money to learn.  And for you to call me is FREE.  Whether you're in my team or not, I want you to AT LEAST hear from someone who is

1) In the company,
2) Has had failures and success,
3) Has the proper information
4) Does not care if you join or not
5) Just wants you to have the right information

Well, I suppose my next blog might be next year again and... I CAN'T WAIT TO write another blog then!

To the billion,

Rene Liaw
skype: reneliaw
P.S.  If you do text or add me on skype, please introduce yourself so I know it's not spam ;)

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